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Street Rodder - Aug 81

Dear Street Rodder,


We would prefer to talk to you in person, but since we cannot, we have placed this letter here to inform you about Hoosier Hoods and Sons, our family, and our interest in Street Rodding.


For a number of years, our father (George Dillman) made parts for cars that his friends and he bought. From "Can you make this?" came Hoosier Hoods. For over 32 years, our father has made his company a world-wide name in Street Rodding. Our father's goal was one thing, TO SERVE YOU THE CUSTOMER! He made sure that when you ordered a part from Hoosier Hoods, you got exactly what you wanted and needed. This is still our goal. We serve our customer by providing you the best quality product that can be made. At Hoosier Hoods and Sons, "The customer comes first" is not just a moto--it is our way of way of doing business. Our products are made from top quality drawn steel and manufactured to exact specifications from original hood and side panel patterns.


George Dillman founded Hoosier Hoods in 1978. As his sons--and under his supervision--we are now relaunching his business. He has been a street rodder all of his life and his passion for cars has exceeded the limits of normalcy. He shared his love of street rodding with his family and included us in every part of it. Through the years, each of his sons have worked along side him in the shop, taken the business on the road to shows, and have learned the business. As a family, we have decided to let the next generation step up and take the mantel. We are now officially Hoosier Hoods and Sons. From here out, Adam, Doug, and Danny will be running the business, and George will be supervising, consulting, and advising as we go forward. Each one of us bring a unique quality to the table, and--as a whole--measure up to our father's footsteps.


Adam has been working in the shop since his early teenage years. Now in his late 20's, he is stepping up to run the day-to-day operations. He is very business oriented and will soon graduate from Indiana University with a Business Administration degree. Adam is overseeing the business, will take orders, and will communicate with our customers. Doug has also worked in the shop since his teenage years. He is now in his 30's and has followed dad's footsteps into the Richmond Fire Department. He has been on the force for 9 years, is married to Susan, and has three children. Doug brings to the table a mind for products. He assists in the day-to-day operations, but mainly focuses on inventory and filling orders quickly and professionally. He will ensure that you receive the highest quality product available. Danny, the oldest, worked in the shop as well, but left for the Marine Corps soon after high school. He left the service in 1999 and using the skills he acquired, he is our communications manager (our "techie"). Danny--through his own company--made this website and is handling our advertising. He is married to Mary Anne and has six children. He also has a side business of custom motorcycles.


As a Street Rodder, you expect quality and should receive it. It is our heart-felt desire to see you receive what you need and want from our products. We thank you for your business and thank you for visiting our corner of the Internet.




P.S. Though they have taken over the day-to-day operations of this business, rest assured...I'm still here. Just refer to me as SENIOR.


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